Rain rain go away

As you can see our Holstein calf is putting on weight and doing much better. He still coughs from time to time. I have a feeling he will always do that. He talks to us now- especially when it’s feeding time. We give them a little bit of calf starter every evening and they look forward to it.

This rain is drowning us! Of course we had no idea that flooding would be an issue with our barn so we weren’t prepared. We poured some concrete last Friday and put in a drain. So now the middle stays dry but that stalls along the sides still flood. Last night the honey and CB poured more concrete. We have rain non stop in the forecast this whole week so we will see how that goes. The only saving grace is that it’s not freezing cold right now. I can always tell when it’s warmed up outside because I’ll find a spider or two trying to sneak in the house via the mud room door.

Now we have to plan for our garden. It’s going to be fun hard work. I hope I don’t kill everything!

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Update on our Jersey calf

The above video was taken a few hours before his castration. If you read yesterday’s blog post https://ourlittlebigoakfarm.com/2017/11/06/so-we-castrated-our-bull-today/, you might be worried or are anxious to know how he is doing. The castration went well, but a few hours later he ate some plastic mesh that had made its way in the pasture somehow. Last night when we tried to give him his bottle he couldn’t drink because he was still trying to chew the plastic. I dreamed of him last night, about feeding him. This morning when I woke up was worried to see him in his stall still struggling with that plastic.

Good news! He is doing just fine, he was VERY hungry and sucked his bottle down in record time. CB said maybe he learned his lesson. After reading several stories on the web about cattle eating all kinds of junk- I am doubtful. But I am very grateful he is ok now. I have feeling I’ll have more stories to tell about his gastronomical delights.

*knock on wood he doesn’t do this again though