Roller coaster ride

Last time I posted something here was before Thanksgiving. It was just two weeks ago but it feels like a month or more. Our Holstein calf is still hanging on. I can’t tell you how many times I thought the end was coming for him. We’ve given him baking soda, probiotics, B vitamin shots, electrolytes… you name it. Every day he continued to regurgitate this nasty acid from his stomach. Since we changed his feed to just Timothy and alfalfa pellets it (the regurge) comes up bright green.

One morning he’ll be sickly and is slow to get up, but by midday is grazing in the pasture like he’s never felt better. Other times he’ll be fine in the day but by the evening he’ll spike a fever. Last night his fever spiked again and he was clearly suffering from something. Hubby gave him LA200 and this morning our calf was alert and perky. And no fever. And- for the first time in weeks there was no regurge in his stall. We know better to think he is finally better, but this is a good sign. Like the title to this blog post- this is a roller coaster ride. One minute he is up, the next he is down.

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