Touch and go

Raising bottle fed calves is not a picnic. They make for cute photos and it’s cool to see them grow and act like babies do. But, when they get sick it’s heart wrenching. Our Holstein calf has been sickly since day one. I think the people that sold him to us knew he wasn’t totally healthy. The vet thinks he never got colostrum- I think he’s right. He’s had upper respiratory infections and now we think he has something akin to wooden tongue. He is so sad to look at. I can’t even take pictures because it is heartbreaking (featured image is from when he was feeling better).

The first time he got sick the vet warned us that bottle fed calves often don’t make it and to not get disheartened. I cried when my hubby relayed the message. Now I am accepting of the fact that he might not make it, or that we might even have to put him down. I just can’t stand to see him suffer. Just like any baby- human or furry- they can’t tell us what’s wrong.

I’m really hoping he is on the mend. We’ve been monitoring his temperature (never thought I would be taking rectal temps on a cow), and he has gone from a very high temp to only slightly elevated temp. We’re praying that is a good sign. He still looks awful. The vet is coming today. I’ll keep you posted…

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